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Chairlifts become an integral part of your home; making it both safe and easy to use your entire home again; and making it both safe and easy to go up and down your stairway again.  Our mission is to find you the right chairlift for your home, your personal needs, and your budget.  Our first and foremost concern is always your 100% Satisfaction.  Reasonable Prices Always. 

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When is comes to empowring your independence, being able to move around your own home is essential.  Installing a stairlift can significantly improve your accessibility and help you regain your freedom.  A stairlift is a great solution for your home.  As we age or face physical limitations, it's natural to feel concerned about our ability to maintain independence and move around our homes freely.  With the help of a stairlift, we can continue to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of our homes without any unnecessary stress or strain.

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Handicare 4000 Stair Lifts

Los Angeles handicare 4000 stair chairlift 

The Hanicare 4000 and Freecurve Stair Lift Chair are innovative mobility solutions designed to enhance accessibility and independence for individuals with mobility challenges. The Hanicare 4000 boasts advanced features such as customizable seat heights, easy-to-use controls, and a sleek, space-saving design, making it suitable for various staircase configurations. On the other hand, the Freecurve Stair Lift Chair offers flexibility with its curved rail system, allowing seamless navigation around corners and bends.

Los Angeles Handicare Freecurve

Los Angeles Handicare Freecurve Chairlift 

The freecurve revolutionizes the curved stairlift, thanks to its unique single-rail design.  Is your staircase a spiral? Is it narror or very steep?  Does it have multiple intermittent landings?  No problem.  With the Handicare Freecurve, you get a smooth, stable ride - and a simple clean look - on even the most complicated staircase.  The Handicare Freecurve Stairlift can be completed without additional modifications to your home.

Curved Stair Lifts

Unlike straight stairlifts that are designed for straight staircases, curved stairlifts are custom-built to fit the specific curvature and shape of your particular staircase.  The rail is tailored to follow the exact past of your curved staircase accommodating any bends and turns.  This customization ensures a precise fit and allows the stairlift to traverse the entire length of the curved stairs smoothly.

More on the Curves

If your stairs feature pie-shaped stairs, landings or any change of direction, a curved stairlift is a great choice of features to suit your mobility needs and your staircase.  With the Handicare photo measuring system, you can see how the stairlift will look on your fabrication of the stairlift rail in the Handicare North America factory.  That means your stairlift is built to perfectly fit your staircase.



Power up your mobility

The Freecurve is compatible with our in-demand power upgrade options for advanced mobility assistance, including:

Automatic power swivel

Turns the seat 80-degrees away from the stairs for safer transfer on and off with reduced hip and knee pain.

2-way power swivel

Automatically pivots your chair forward while riding to allow more room for your knees on narrow staircases.

Active seat

Helps you sit down and stand up from your Freecurve. With just a pull of a lever your movements are supported, reducing strain on joints and muscles. Not available on the Classic model chair.

Power footrest

Lets you fold and unfold the footrest without having to bend down, while LED illumination improves visibility in low lit areas.

Power hinge

Combine your Freecurve stairlift with a powered hinge or drop nose option to prevent the track from obstructing a doorway at the base of the stairs

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The Handicare Freecurve Stair Lift Chair is a cutting-edge mobility solution renowned for its versatility and user-friendly design. Its standout features include a unique curved rail system that effortlessly navigates around corners and bends, ensuring a seamless fit to virtually any staircase layout. The chair itself offers ergonomic seating, adjustable armrests, and intuitive controls for effortless operation. Safety features such as sensors to detect obstacles and a secure seatbelt provide peace of mind for users. Additionally, its compact footprint and quiet operation make it a discreet and convenient addition to any home, enabling individuals with mobility challenges to move freely and independently throughout their living spaces with confidence.

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AccessBDD Flow-X Stair Lifts

Acorn Stair Lifts (Used)

Los Angeles Harmar SL300 Stair Lifts

Handicare 4000 Freecurve Stair Lifts

Savaria K2 Stair Lifts

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Buying a used stair lift can be a practical option for individuals looking to improve accessibility in their homes while saving money. Used stair lifts typically come at a fraction of the cost of new ones, making them more affordable for those on a tight budget. Despite being pre-owned, many used stair lifts are still in good working condition, having been maintained and serviced regularly by previous owners or reputable dealers. Additionally, purchasing a used stair lift can often be a quicker solution than waiting for a new one to be installed, particularly if the need for improved mobility is urgent. By opting for a used stair lift, individuals can enjoy the benefits of increased independence and safety in navigating stairs within their homes without breaking the bank. However, it's crucial to ensure that the used stair lift is thoroughly inspected for any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction before making a purchase to guarantee its reliability and safety for continued use.

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Los Angeles Adjustable Beds

Los Angeles Adjustable Beds
Electric adjustable beds offer a range of features and benefits tailored to enhance comfort and improve sleep quality. These beds typically come with motorized mechanisms that allow users to adjust the position of the bed's head, foot, and sometimes even the height, using a remote control. This versatility enables users to find their optimal sleeping or resting position, relieving pressure points and promoting better circulation. Sizes available include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, and California King; Dual Split Queen and Dual Split King, ensuring compatibility with various mattress sizes and room dimensions.

Los Angeles Latex Mattress

Los Angeles Latex Mattresses

Customer satisfaction ratings for latex mattresses are generally quite high. Latex mattresses are praised for their durability, comfort, and hypoallergenic properties. They often receive positive reviews for providing excellent support and pressure relief, which can lead to improved sleep quality and reduced discomfort. Additionally, latex mattresses tend to have better longevity compared to other mattress types, which contributes to their high satisfaction ratings.
Los Angeles Used Stair Lifts 
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Los Angeles VPL Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) are mobility devices designed to assist individuals with disabilities or limited mobility in accessing different levels of a building. These lifts are also known as wheelchair lifts or wheelchair elevators. VPLs typically consist of a platform that can accommodate a wheelchair user and sometimes an attendant. The platform moves vertically between floors, providing a safe and convenient means of transportation.


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